Practice Guidelines

~Adult Student~


(Sometimes the desire for learning is not backed up with practice time or lesson attendance.  I find that this letter/conversation with adult students either helps reignite their passion for music, or helps them decide to take a step back for a while.)






As an adult student, you have chosen to pursue learning music and made a monetary investment toward that goal, but for whatever reason, you have not been practicing/attending lessons consistently.  That investment of your time is just as important to me because as a teacher, I want to use our lessons to show you new skills and help you progress on your musical journey.  Using lesson time to help you practice isn’t a good use of either of our time.


So what is practice anyway?  Practice is your focused effort on assignments towards specific goals, always listening for ways to improve.  It is solving musical problems by listening to the piece, breaking down big challenges into smaller parts, using repetition to reinforce good habits, and honing skills.


If you can’t/don’t want to practice or come to your lessons right now, that’s totally fine!  I know sometimes other things take precedence.  In that case, I need to give your lesson time to a student from my waiting list and welcome you to enroll at KSM when circumstances change.


But if you’re really into learning and progressing (and I hope you are!) for the next four lessons you must practice a minimum of 90 minutes per week, 3 days per week.  (Ex: 30 minutes 3 times a week) and keep a written log of your practice time that you bring with you.  Tell me about any issues you’re facing - I’ve probably seen them before and can help!


In return, I commit to working on pieces that interest you, as well as the technical assignments that are necessary for skill development.  I will offer tips to make practice more enjoyable and consistent (see my blogs for more info).  And I’m also happy to make videos or recordings for you to play along with at home!


If you don’t/aren’t able to meet the minimum practice guidelines and attend your next four lessons (barring illness or emergency), unfortunately I will need to give your lesson time to another student.  Any lessons already paid for will be refunded and I will encourage you to re-enroll at KSM when you’re ready!

Kat Starr

‚ÄčInspiring a Love of Music ~ since 2009


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