Being that we are going to spend hour after countless hour in practice throughout our lives, it pays to take the time to slow down and notice what is working smoothly and what needs attention to get to that place of relaxed practice and stay there. 

Doing ‘the thing’ regardless of how scared I was has paid off for me more times than I can count.  So much so that my whole relationship with fear has shifted. We’re friends now.


...perceptions are like background music that plays quietly every minute of every day from moment you entered this world.  You hear so often that it doesn’t even register that it’s playing, but the song gets stuck in your head nonetheless. And long after the music stops playing, you sing it to yourself without stopping to wonder, is this really the right song for me?


"Elijah, if I made a mistake, would you forgive me?"  "Yes," he said.  "If Shiloh here made a mistake, would you forgive her?"  "Yes!" he said.  "If Emme made a mistake, could you forgive her too?"  "Yes, of course!"  "Then," I said, "if you make a mistake, you must forgive yourself too." 

Elijah looked at me like I just grew another head.  "What?!  You can't forgive yourself!"  Boom.  That right there.  We are so seldom taught that we can and should extend ourselves the same grace we so easily give others.  


Adult musicians - is your practice place a space of joy or one of self-criticism?  Let's talk about that for a minute...

Top Secret Practice Advice for Parents!  No Kids Allowed!  

Everyone knows that “practice makes perfect”.  But what does that even mean?

So I get this sometimes: “You’re a good teacher, but you’re too nice to me.”  What they’re trying to say is, “I’m afraid that I’m not really good at this and you won’t be honest with me about my abilities."  

What's the recipe for Stage Confidence?  Spoiler alert:  it involves pie.  

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