The mission of Kat Starr Music (KSM) is to inspire a love of music.

The goal of these policies is to clarify purpose and responsibility so that students and parents get the most out of lessons.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are 45 or 60 minutes in length.  All private lesson students participate in group lessons that take the place of private lessons for one week of each month and are 60 minutes long.  If no groups match the student’s schedule, private lessons will continue until a suitable group is formed.  Please see the KSM calendar for dates of private lessons, group lessons, recitals, and KSM closings. 


Before the Lesson

  • Please allow young children to use the restroom.
  • Lessons start and end on time.
  • Please do not send young children to the studio unattended. 


During the Lesson

The ability of the student to concentrate depends on focused learning so please observe the following guidelines:

  • Those sitting in on a lesson must turn their cell phone to silent and take all calls outside the lesson space.
  • Siblings sitting in on a lesson must be silent or whisper.
  • No food, drink or gum is allowed in the studio.


After the Lesson                                               

  • Parents who do not sit in on lessons should arrive 5 minutes before the lesson ends to pick up the child before the next lesson and to make sure they have a clear understanding of assignments.



Lessons (private and group) are a commitment to a set day and time, therefore only one make-up lesson will be offered per quarter, schedule permitting.  (See Quarters below.)  You may use this make-up lesson to cover any illness, emergency, vacations, and inclement weather (except in the event that lessons are cancelled).   Please notify Ms. Kat by phone (931-706-9496) at least 24 hours before the lesson to reschedule.  Shorter notice will result in a forfeited lesson.  Once a make-up lesson is scheduled, it cannot be rescheduled.


What can you do if you must miss a lesson?  You may:

1) take advantage of Lesson Swap

2) Send a Friend to your lesson, or

3) schedule one make-up per quarter


Lesson Swap

Lesson swap allows for some flexibility in your lessons.  You are invited to contact other studio families and swap lessons as needed.  Please notify Ms. Kat of any swaps via email (  This is a good way to not lose a lesson, however no one is compelled to swap.  Lesson Swap schedules are emailed out monthly along with the newsletter.


Send a Friend

Do you have a friend or family member that dabbles on an instrument, has never started, or wants to learn to read music?  If you cannot make your lesson, you may send a friend instead!  No one under 5 years of age, and you must discuss this with Ms. Kat prior to the lesson.


Inclement Weather
KSM does not necessarily close when schools do.  If KSM is open, lessons continue as scheduled.  If you are unable to come to your lesson and KSM is open, you may use your one make-up lesson (per quarter).  If you have already used your make-up, the lesson is forfeited.  If KSM must close due to weather, the lessons will be made up on the Saturday of the next recital, or Saturday(s) before the next recital.



Summer – July, August, September

Fall – October, November, December

Winter – January, February, March

Spring – April, May, June



Tuition includes private lessons and group lessons as scheduled, access to the studio lending library, opportunities for involvement in community concerts, festivals and competitions. 


Tuition is due the first lesson of each month, and is late after the 10th, incurring a $10 late fee per student.  If you are unable to attend your first lesson of the month, you agree to mail tuition to the studio or put it in the drop box.  Please call or email for address.



Please contact Ms. Kat for pricing.


Time Off
Students that choose to take time off from lessons have several choices.  They may 1) Continue to pay monthly tuition to retain their time slot, 2) Discontinue lessons at the risk of having their time slot filled and being added to the waiting list when they return, or 3) Send a Friend to their lessons.  If you were to be creative with this third option, you may end up sending a friend who then pays you for your tuition.  However you work it, KSM must receive tuition from the primary student in order for the time slot to be saved.


Discontinuation of Lessons

A courtesy notice of 30 days is appreciated when discontinuing lessons.  No refunds are given for tuition paid.



If the student is ill please do not bring them to their lesson.  (See Cancellations/Make-ups.)  If Ms. Kat is ill, the lesson will be made up on the Saturday of the next recital, or Saturday(s) before the next recital.



Participation in recitals is greatly encouraged!  Recitals offer an opportunity to showcase skills students have attained.  A recital fee of $30 as well as a completed recital agreement are required to reserve a spot at the performance.  Recital fees help defray the cost of the venue, bulletins, refreshments, the sound technician, etc.




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